Want to get lost in stories that you can identify with and see yourself in?

Michelle Mink writes romances that cast characters her readers could easily lose themselves in. Maybe it's because her readers can identify with a body type or situation, or maybe it's due to the reader's proclivities matching those on the page. Either way, Michelle goes above and beyond to show her characters in situations and relationships that can help entertain her readers for hours... And leave them longing for more. 

Sucker for a Good Line

In this post, we talk about classic opening lines in literature. What's your favorite?

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He's a Keeper: How My Husband Helps Me Write Better Books

This post is a bit sappy, as it is basically a huge "thank you" to my husband, Mr. Mink, for all he does to support and inspire my stories.

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What's the Story, Morning Glory?

While I'm not a morning person, I've learned that sticking to a morning routine is key to making it through a successful day.

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