Some days, I do good to keep one plate spinning when life decrees I should have several going at the same time.

In between the house, the kiddos, the hubby, marketing, writing, and everything else it's easy to feel like you are drowning—for me, anyway.

And that was before COVID-19, but I digress.

I recently stumbled across an older article in Success Magazine that I found has helped me a LOT. I want to share a few of those things here, with you.

1. Know where you are. Before you can work on balance and keeping things going, you need to do an honest assessment of where you are starting. I usually make a long list of everything in my brain, and then categorize it.

2. DECIDE to become balanced. You have to make this decision, yourself. And, you are going to have to make it over, and over, again. This is important because it's easy to give in when things get hard.

3. Set all the goals. Remember that list I categorized? I broke them down into goals. Making the shopping list? That's a goal. Getting my blog posts done? That's a goal. Hitting my word count? Yep, a goal. Washing my hair? That can be the toughest goal of all—though self-care should definitely be higher on my priorities!

The article, itself, goes into greater detail—and it's a good read. Just remember that you are human, and to be kind to yourself. Everyday is a new day, and a new chance to work on balance.

Michelle xoxo