What Stereotypical Characters Make You Cringe?

What Stereotypical Characters Make You Cringe?

Even if you are a huge fan of your preferred genre, odds are there is a character-type that makes your teeth clinch.

It may not have always been that way. Odds are, when you first got to your sub-genre of choice these were a new and exciting thing. Maybe Alphas really made you sit up and pay attention—or bad boys drove you wild.

Sometimes, over time, that changes. You may decide that if you look at another shifter you can't be held resposible for the the structural integrity of your Kindle any longer.

Or, you could really just hate Mary Sues.

Whatever the case, what is the stereotype that you can't read? Is there a type that you'd like more of, but you can't find what you want out there?


Michelle xoxo