Paging Mr. Wright...

Paging Mr. Wright...

I'm gonna be honest with you—I'm more excited about this post than I've been about the others so far (though the next one is a close tie!).

This is the post where I introduce you to the male protagonist from my new novel Luscious in Lavender, Mr. Bradley Wright.

Bradley is a model in L.A., but he grew up in Texas. Coming in at 6 ft, with a muscular physique, he's definitely easy on the eyes. His looks (and manners) are a throwback to Old Hollywood. He's worked hard on losing the Texan drawl, but it's been known to come back when he's tired—or he can use it to his advantage.

The way to this man's heart is through a home-cooked meal—especially if it involves homemade bread. He prefers a beer with dinner, but knows his way around a bottle of wine.

Our boy Bradley can be a little hot headed—especially when it comes to protecting those he loves. When he meets our heroine, Lavender Clark, he sometimes has to keep that Wright temper in check.

On a typically sunny L.A. day, when not at work, Bradley can be found surfing, boating, swimming, or basically anything that involves the water.

When we meet Bradley, he's been in a two year relationship with fellow model Gina Marlow. Prior to that, he'd been a serial monogamist. He's a romantic at heart, but can get misled easy.

Be on the lookout for Bradley, Lavender, and even Gina in my new book Luscious in Lavenderavailable on Amazon!

Michelle xoxo